GeoTechnologies FZCO
GeoTechnologies FZCO
Geophysical and Geological Services and Studies
  • Leaders in Applied Geophysics

    Our international team of geophysicists, geologists, project managers
    and international business professionals is launching a new company
    to focus on the UAE, GCC and Middle East / Africa region.

Geophysical Surveys

We are launching a new company to provide the most advanced Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) surveys while also introducing the Resonance Acoustic Profiling (RAP) technology.

Geological Studies

Our team has decades of experience with a wide range of geophysical, geological and exploration surveys including MASW, RAP, both Downhole and Crosshole Shear Wave Velocity measurements, and large-scale Refraction and Reflection Seismology for clients in the geotechnical, engineering, mining and oil/gas sectors.



We are bringing a world-class team of MASW specialists to work with the geotechnical laboratories in the UAE.


Resonance Acoustic Profiling is being introduced for the first time in the UAE for MASW surveys and a wide range of tested applications.


We offer the most advanced Electrical Resistivity Tomography surveys available in the UAE and GCC


Our experts have completed hundreds of Downhole Shear Wave Velocity surveys over 20 years in the UAE and Qatar


We are offering Crosshole Shear Wave Velocity surveys using 3D dual geophone  for efficient data collection 


We will expand our offering to include geophysical technology partners in the hydrodam, mining, oil/gas, and groundwater sectors as we grow in the UAE and beyond.

Target Sectors

Geotechnical Clients

Federico Pellegrini and Mohammed Al Aqrabawi have supported the geotechnical firms in the UAE for 20 years and are recognized as top consultants. We are offering industry standard MASW, Downhole and Crosshole services while introducing RAP method for both shallow and deep analysis.

RAP for Multiple Industries

The Resonance Acoustic Profiling method has been deployed in a wide range of applications from geotechnical and mining to hydrology. Now in its 5th Generation, RAP can be deployed using the same single sensor for both shallow and deep (0 - 2000 meters) 2-D & 3-D studies.

Hydrodams and Mines

With our partner Willowstick Technologies we offer technologies not yet deployed in the UAE/GCC specific to Water Tracking with over 300 international projects inspecting hydrodams, levees, reservoirs.


Primary Water Technologies is the first Water Exploration and Production venture focused on prospecting for and drilling into renewable, sustainable primary water resources worldwide.