GeoTechnologies FZCO
GeoTechnologies FZCO
Geophysical and Geological Services and Studies

Who we are

What we had in mind while starting GeoTechnologies FZCO

The last year has brought great stress to the conduct of international business, dramatically impacting the availability of specialists and consultants in the field of geophysical and geological surveys and studies.  

GeoTechnologies FZCO (Dubai) seeks to fill this gap with senior professionals who have always worked globally, often in extreme conditions, to accomplish the project objectives for a wide range of clients.


Zuikov is a graduate of Leningrad Mining Institute in geophysics. He has over 35 years of field work as well as R&D for his own patented systems.  Burr has a masters degree in international business with extensive experience in the Middle East.

Igor Zuikov


and Senior Geophysicist

Mark Burr


and General Manager

Our Team

GeoTechnologies FZCO is bringing together a group of experienced professionals with many years of field work and consulting in the UAE, GCC, MEA and global project delivery.

Field Tech

Milan Shestha from Nepal is an experienced field team manager for data acquisition

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Federico Pellegrini is a well-known consultant in the UAE for geophysical surveys in support of the geotechnical industry in Abu Dhabi for 20 years.


Abdurrahman Ozen based in Izmir, Tukey has over 30 years of international seismic experience working with some of the largest oil & gas companies in the world, and is owner of RAP Technology Services.


Dr. Mohamed Azhimi is a leading hydrogeologist based in Fez, Morocco with over 25 years in academia as well as extensive applied geophysics including locating water wells using RAP Method.


Explorer Geophysical Consultants Pvt Ltd based in Kathmandu is our most recent partnership with Memorandum of Understanding signed in April of 2022.  With over 10 years of project experience in Nepal they are the premier firm offering geophysical, geotechnical and hydrological services in their region.


Dr. Anis Albis is leading the introduction of RAP into the geophysical, geotechnical and hydro-geological sectors in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  Based in Amman he worked for many years in the United Arab Emirates on a wide range of complex projects and applications. 


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