GeoTechnologies FZCO
GeoTechnologies FZCO
Geophysical and Geological Services and Studies

Key Project Areas

Our initial focus is on Geophysical Surveys expanding to Geological Studies


Our team is deploying the latest in MASW technology while introducing RAP as an additional or even alternative method for geotechnical work.


Resonance Acoustic Profiling technology and method have been developed over 25 years and deployed globally by our co-founder on six continents.


We offer D-hole, X-hole, ERT, VES and other advanced geophysical technologies for investigations and exploration in all geological conditions.

Case Studies

Case Study - MASW

Using MASW for soil investigation in Abu Dhabi

Case Study - RAP

Using RAP Method for Shallow Geotechnical Studies (UAE)

Case Study - Groundwater

CICWCD conservancy field survey report (2020) USA

Case Study - Exploration

Madagascar (2017-18)  

Case Study - Hydrodams

Samanalawewa Dam, Sri Lanka

Case Study - Mining

Use of RAP Method for Exploration


Abu Dhabi, UAE

3-D Rendering
1:55 seconds

Colombia, South America

Willowstick & PWT
6:40 seconds

Soda Springs, ID - USA

29:04 seconds

Madagascar and USA